Oregon Will Start Testing Age Compliance At Marijuana Stores

Marijuana Stores

marijuana stores

For the past year, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission has been snowed under with applications from people wanting to sell recreational marijuana.

On Tuesday, OLCC spokesman Mark Pettinger said it’s time to start shifting resources to the compliance side. He said the agency is about to start sending young adults to marijuana stores to see whether they can get in.

Adults 21 years and older can buy recreational marijuana products in Oregon.

Pettinger said keeping minors out of dispensaries is different than policing alcohol retailers because clerks don’t check IDs for alcohol until a person is about to make a purchase.

“With marijuana or cannabis retailers, that screening is supposed to take place as they enter the premises,” he said.

For years, the OLCC has tested compliance at liquor stores. Many of those stores have ID verification software systems to check for fakes.

Fledgling marijuana dispensaries have yet to install the technology, Pettinger said.

It’s unknown whether the industry has a problem with underage customers in marijuana stores.

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